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Could this be the fountain of youth we’ve been looking for?

Had you been born 12 000 years ago, dying because of some hungry predator would be normal to you. Flash forward to only 150 years ago, death by tuberculosis would be your usual.

You might think you would never actually think of those horrible events as normal, no matter when you lived. But now, consider this. You were born in a time where aging is seen as normal. Like predation and pandemics, should the inevitability of aging not be questioned?

Aging is, after all, a process far from harmless. It is literally defined as “the life-long accumulation of ‘damage’ to the body that occurs as intrinsic side-effects of the body’s normal operations”, and the scientific community has many theories as to what causes it. In this article, we’ll concentrate on one of its main drivers: mitochondrial damage. The mitochondria is an organelle mostly known for its role in the production of ATP, the cell’s main source of energy. …

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Imagine you wanted to make yourself a shirt, but didn’t have any scissors or anything sharp to cut out the fabric. You’d have to tear it with your own hands, and that would make sense if you didn’t have anything better to work with. But what if you actually had scissors, but kept tearing that fabric using your hands? Would that make any sense? No, of course not! The tool is right there next to you! Why not use it?

And yet, that is exactly what’s happening with the way we interpret CT scans today. There are many problems with the way bone fracture scans are interpreted, all rooting down to the cause that it’s humans that are interpreting most of them, and not AI. We are doing the jobs our tools should be doing. That’s not a smart use of the resources we have right now. Here’s exactly why, how to work better, and what challenges we might have to face to create a technology that would help us. …

How light informs us about stars and galaxies

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Because they are invisible, we tend to forget particles are the building blocks of everything. It’s crazy to think such minuscule, secretive objects are so fundamental to all aspects of today’s science. And yet here they are, teaching us about everything in our elegant universe.

Today and for the duration of this article, photons, the particles of light, will help you complete a mission you and your team of astronomy researchers have been assigned. …


Flavie Prévost

TKS innovator currently researching ways to solve aging.

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